Meet our Captains Joe & John Asanovich


Captís Joe and John Asanovich both received their Captís License at the age of 18.  They have a combined total or 44 years experience navigating the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  Five years of prior experience was gained as mates on the ďBarbara AnnĒ built and captained by their late father, Joe Asanovich, Sr. 

Capt Joe Sr.ís love of the water and of fishing brought the Asanovich family to the area in 1979 where he began his dream for his young family of owning and operating a fishing fleet.

Captís Joe and John continue this dream today and will pass along their skills and knowledge to young Joseph Asanovich, III, who works as a mate on both vessels.

Both Capt. Joe and Capt. John each hold a 100 ton masters license.




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